Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Harvests, Losses, and additions

Well we just got in from the garden and much to our surprise we were able to harvest 5 pods of Okra today. We also noted 3 cantaloupe developing and a watermelon had popped up. We have been pleasantly surprised with how easy the garden has grown this year. We really rushed to get it in and in doing so we did not get it tilled as well as we would have liked. The tomatoes are coming in well and we should have some in a few week. Squash is starting to form and the pole beans are beginning to sprout! We also have 2 pumpkin sprouts that we need to get in the ground.

Now for the fun news we are getting 3 pigs. They will all be female and hopefully will provide us with some free labor. While Logan and I both enjoy and occasional ham and eat bacon weekly these girls will probably not see the butchers knife for a few years. They are going to be put to work instead plowing up and fertilizing our strawberry patch and then the location of next years garden. I will be purchasing these three next weekend from a animal science professor at UT. They were involved in a fertility study but are no longer needed. Below is a picture of the house they will be getting. As with all things here on Little Feet farm we want to do what is best for the animal, us, and the earth. We believe that having these pigs out on pasture is a healthy alternative to the way most pigs are raised in confinement barns.


  1. I'm so sorry about your cows...good news on the pigs though-will you breed them at all? Nothing is cute than baby pigs!

  2. Yeah we will breed them in the spring. We aren;t getting a boar till then so they can concentrate on plowing. I'll send a piglett your way!!