Monday, April 22, 2013

Garden is taking shape

One of the joys of spring is reestablishing a garden.  We have gotten all of the cool season veggies in the ground and this year we are trying our hand at growing them all organically.  What a big task as we have over 1000 feet already in the ground!  Just as with the farming venture we are trying to do this to raise a product we can provide our kids with that will shield them from some of the terrors that modern agriculture gives us. 

What a funny world we live in when we in mass left the farm only to discover that our off farm work does little more that allow us the money to go to the grocery store and pay various banks for the privilege of having "stuff".  Being debt free has opened our eyes to a lot of the material things we used to covet now seem silly.  Not having a TV allows time for a garden the size of ours to flourish.

Looking forward to a great fall harvest ahead.


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  2. A very exciting and energy driven "mission" to take on, but one that will inspire others through very challenging economic and serious food contaminated times. My prayers for your "search" for five acres are with your incredible family daily. Love to all. "Grand-Dee"