Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The reason for the seasons

One of the first thing that a new gardener, homesteader, or farmer learns is the value of seasons.  This is also a lesson being learned by people who have decided to eat local.  It comes as a big shock to a person who expects to go to the grocery store any time of year and buy a fresh tomato to learn that in a natural setting these delights are only available in the summer and fall.  Of course you can always have your greenhouse and ways of extending the season but in December there is just no natural way to grow a tomato.

So it is with the meat that we eat.  There is a reason why beef is so much better in the spring.  With the lush new growth of grass and ample water these animals finish out at fatter into a rather tasty treat.  IN the same way as summer drags on slowing the grass and therefore the ability to finish a cow on grass the season switches to the lighter chicken.  Chickens thrive in the summer and the lightness of their meat gives our body a sense of colling as well.  Pigs provide "the other white meat" that gives us sustanance in the fall and winter.

Learning to eat with the seasons is hard but rewarding.

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