Tuesday, May 24, 2011

They must be crazy

Well our latest venture has been raising some chickens for meat.  These guys have been an interesting experience.  We decided to go the traditional route and buy Cornish X chicks.  These guys are the same as you would see at a Tyson farm or any major producer.  They have often been referred to as a race car with feathers and I can see why.  The amount of feed these guys are able to consume is absolutely mind boggling.  We have had them out on our front lawn and we move the pens they are in on a daily basis.  This way we have 2 great benefits.  The first benefit is that there is no need to change bedding b/c it gets soiled with fresh grass each day that is a fresh place to fertilize.  The second advantage has been the lack of sickness.  We have not had a single bird get sick and we feed no antibiotics in their food.

In the next day or two I will let you know a little about our egg laying chicks and the difference in the two types of chickens.  So having chickens in a movable pen in our front yard has created a they must be crazy caravan of cars.  What are some crazy things you have done or what have you seen that made you go huh?.

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